Ghani Emit
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My Name is Ghani Emit And Im an on Online Network Marketing Professional and an inventor,actor and inspirational speaker.I speak Otjiherero,Damara,Nama,Tsitswana,Englis,German,Afrikaans(Expanded Dutch mainly spoken in South Africa and Namibia)
In the process of learning Spanish,and Arabic at the present moment.My goal is to speak 12 different languages
or more fluently.
My belief is that you cant truly help someone else until all of your

needs are met.

I hate to see people struggle, I like to help them help themselves, I believe in

giving a helping hand, not a hand out, I also believe the universe is a place of
abundance and we are all deserving of it, provided we do the work necessary
to obtain it.
These are timngeo Social Marketing Systems owned by Ghani Emit.

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