Zola Gourdin
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Hello Out there!

Im Zola. So kind of you to drop by. I am a native of Lincoln, Nebraska but have lived on the West Coast, so to speak, Las Vegas for the last 30 years, so I guess technically Vegas is My Home. Sunshine 360 days a Year, you have to buy water, but we are staying a float on the dry land. (ha,ha).

I am a retired entertainer Jazz & Blues, and started dabbling in Internet Marketing a little over a year ago. Bit off a big bite up front and have a Internet Blog with most of the products from Click bank.

I came across City Penny Savers and this concept has wrapped up and put it all together for me under one roof.

I just started putting Ads on my Own City Penney Saver.
I put up 4 ads and in less than 4 days have had well over 10K views. If you havent got one, you better hurry up and get aboard.

Can you begin to imagine what you would have to pay to own One City on Craigslist today? WOW!

Ill digital ya later on Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of them. Til then hope to put an Ad in your City soon.

These are timngeo Social Marketing Systems owned by Zola Gourdin.

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