Traffic on the Holiday (TOTH) is a new invention created by Geo Monroe and Timothy L. Drobnick, Sr. and is a part of Tim and Geo's Social Marketing System.

It is designed, to work for everyone, and will help you build an ongoing Income when your referrals see the significance of having their own groups and Paid promoted post showing on Traffic on the Holiday! (did you know you get paid 100% of the money when you sell a promoted post in your group).

Traffic on the Holiday Features:

1. Each Major Holiday is Showcased on the header of of each month which attracts buyers and eyes on your groups and what you post inside them.

2. It Showcases your Group Name and a Short Description of group

3. There is a Read More link back to your group where all your posts in your group can be read by Visitors!

4. We Promote all promoted post you sell in your group for free on TOTH for extra clicks for your clients

5. We promote our members Profiles on TOTH

5. Traffic on the Holiday is being promoted all over the Internet by our Members

If you want in on this phenomenal Traffic Exchange join Tim and Geo For Free and upgrade your account to Silver $10 per year, Gold $20 per year or Platinum $99 per year. You will be glad you did.

A timngeo Group consists of these five components:

1. Communications area for you and your clients / customers / followers, etc.
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2. Lead Capture Landing Page.
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3. "About Us" website for explaining about your business.
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4. Promotion mechanisms built into timngeo for your group.
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5. Promoted posts you may sell in your groups.

The cost:

Get 3 groups for $10 per year.
Get 15 groups for $20 per year.
Get 200 groups for $99 per year.

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