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KulaBrands We Bring Good Brands To Life - Louis Harvey

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Brett Roberts
10-24-2017 2:4

helps launch new products and companies into the market. In return, we get paid royalties for the life each product/project. So, all of the products you've seen us share are all part of one company.

Here is the list of 16 of our products & the various stages that they are in. There are so many more in the works, it's amazing!

#1 - Zip N Store - in the marketplace & ready to sign very big international deal.
#2 - Park Smarts for Kids -selling online and in National Parks.
#3 - Mobicard USA discount card - selling online and as a fundraiser option.
#4 - TriFecto Pen - in production.
#5 - Net Effects Traders - selling online.
#6 - The Process To Be - in pre Crowdfunding.
#7 -GunBail - completed Crowdfunding.
#8 - LaModaZona/Ez On Babeez - in production selling online & ready to sign a large contract.
#9 - The Freedom Charger/Cords of Steel - shipping now, huge orders coming in everyday.
#10 - Race For the Top Reality TV Show, starring Jeff Hoffman - in Crowdfunding.
#11 - Shiver Shield Extreme Cold Weather Gear - in crowdfunding & already in production.
#12 - HumaGenics LP9 Nutrition Supplement - sales
#13 - Chef Bernard's Gourmet Salsa - on Crowdfunding.
#14 - Yahooty Who Children's Character - in Pre Crowdfunding.
#15 - Vibe Bottle in pre-crowdfunding, will launch next week.
#16 - SightSaver Computer Glasses - just launched on pre Crowdfunding.

We would love to show you how. Come be apart of the community.
Louis Harvey
8-21-2017 21:18

KulaBrands helps launch New Products and Companies into the market

Louis Harvey
8-21-2017 21:14

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Louis Harvey
8-20-2017 20:31

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Louis Harvey
8-20-2017 20:18

Once you Experience KulaBrands you might not want to get involved with anything else, but you can if you like.

Louis Harvey
8-20-2017 19:28


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