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Team Elite Home Businesses - Gary Tice

Three step Quickstart to 150k visitors 39 income streams, 8 mega traffic sites,

Five years ago, 70 people like you created a home business hub site to market online. Over those years we have grown to almost 5000 members!

In the last two years we have been on a journey to create a SuperNet Funnel for our members. This Supernet funnel is a complete all one home business.
Let me share the value of the SuperNet Funnel and what it can do for you.

Here are some of the benefits of membership:
1. Access to 150,000 visitors per month 3 step up to 39 streams of income
2. Access to 39 sites on autopilot where you can pick and choose and create your own Supernet Super Funnel just Iike I have
3. All pages are full editable by you
4. Your page becomes your replicated page and your leads see your links and become your referrals
5. All tools are provided with pre written autoresponses plus lead capture pages
6. Site is dynamic in that I tweak it on a daily basis to keep the conversion high
7. The Dashboard has been greatly simplified and I tied the coders hands made TeamEliteHomeBusinesses user friendly not coder friendly.
Gary Tice
9-2-2017 16:33


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