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My BroadNiche System - Beauty & Fashion - Anthony Scott

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Ion Iacob
12-7-2017 4:36

Weavers of the World Unite! Seriously though, this chat room/blog/website is about all things textile or fabric and most things wearable (please keep clean). My family roots go back to Flemish weavers who migrated to Lancashire, England, in the 14th or 15th Century BCE, Huguenot refugees who worked as tanners in London and Lancashire and their descendants who worked in the spinning, bleaching. and dyeing industries in the Manchester area. I studied weaving, fabric printing, and historical costume in college. Mu American nieces work in the New York fashion industry and my British nieces are talented fabric and thread artists. And all my sisters-in-law are quilters (I do live in Wisconsin!)

I hope this will be a place where people will post and comment on a range of topics, from the latest fashions to yarn bombing to wearable computing to Udmurt folk costume. Welcome!
Anthony Scott
12-6-2017 23:49


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