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Free relationship advice - relationship questions, - Gary Tice


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We are adding 3 to 5 new team members a day.

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Those relationships are not destiny, but they appear to establish patterns of relating to others. Failed relationships happen for many reasons, and the failure of a relationship is often a source of great psychological anguish. Most of us have to work consciously to master the skills necessary to make them flourish.
Gary Tice
9-30-2017 22:13

It takes two to ska doo

Gary Tice
9-30-2017 21:19

Gary Tice
9-29-2017 11:45

Love Is all you Need

Gary Tice
9-29-2017 4:29

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9-26-2017 20:29

Tips For Getting And Keeping The Body Women Love

FACT: your BODY is an ESSENTIAL part of being attractive to women.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about this matter. There's no getting around to maintaining a great body that'll keep women interested in you.

But before you start panicking, let me just say that it's NOT what you think.

Maybe you're already spiraling into a heap of self-pity at the thought of perfectly sculpted male models flaunting their brawn in magazines. Perhaps seeing those flawless celebrities on TV with screaming women in the background will lead you to think that you can't possibly measure up to them.

Perhaps you want to scream, 'Crikey, hot women will ONLY go for men like THOSE'how could *I* ever hope to date chicks of that caliber?!'

Well my friend, I want you to gather all those pre-conceived notions you have about physical looks and take a sledgehammer to them.

It's all part of reprogramming your ideas about seduction and attraction, which begins with Meet Your Sweet's groundbreaking book for men:

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Got it? OK'

So: if you believe that you have to look like those guys in order to be outrageously attractive, you're dead wrong. Look at the world around you and you'll know I'm right.

Take a stroll around the shopping mall, a park or any other populated area. You'll find average-looking guys who DON'T look like an actor are holding hands with the hottest babes in the vicinity.

I'm talking about the men who make you think 'HOW in the hell did she end up with HIM?'

Are you going to tell me that those men are just a fluke? Are you going to deny the fact that they simply know something that you DON'T?

Take the shutters off your eyes and realize that you too can pull this off! If a regular guy (on the outside at least) can date beautiful women, you can surely do the SAME.

The good news is that your less-than-perfect body is VERY much capable of attracting hordes of gorgeous women.

Even rock stars who dress like they crawled out of a dumpster are able to draw women like moths to a flame. Well, maybe they're a freak exception because of the baked-in charm that comes with being in a band.

Those guys live on another plane of reality, so the non-rock star demographic can still score big with the beautiful and brainy ladies.

First of all, you need to wrap your mind around this basic truth: the ability to attract women NEVER comes from an outside factor. It's already within you, and all you need is to get accustomed to using these inner traits.

Thus, you need to STOP comparing yourself to other men. Doing so is the path to madness.

OF COURSE there's going to be someone who's thinner, brawnier, richer, taller, or stronger than you.

BUT does that have anything to do with your own attractiveness? Does the existence of 'better' men statistically reduce your chances to have a sizeable piece of the action?

That's a big 'N' to the 'O'. There are literally millions of women out there, and at least a handful of them will find you attractive.

Yes, YOU. They can AND will see you in an attractive light if you unlearn whatever standards of physical beauty you've been made to believe in.

Don't fret about losing ALL the good women to other guys; there's plenty enough to go around for everyone.

The problem with us guys is that we're primarily into the visual aspect of attraction when it comes to selecting a partner. Before a man finds a girl attractive, she's gonna have to fit into his particular set of criteria.

This is why some men automatically ASSUME that women think the same way.

REALITY CHECK: NOT all women need their man to have impossibly good looks to feel attracted to them.

Look, I'm not saying that better-looking guys don't have an advantage. But what I am saying is that YOU don't need those things to attract women yourself.

And I'm not trying to contradict myself by saying that looks ARE important. It's just that it's not important in the way you might THINK it is.

Let me re-frame your concept of looking good. Physical attributes matter in a 'I-look-after-myself-and-care-about-being-a-clean-presentable-man-who-is-serious 'about-meeting-women' kind of way.

In other words, it's more of showing everyone that you have the HABIT of looking the very best you can.

Even a naturally handsome guy would horribly lower his chances if he let himself go. You know: not taking a shower, not shaving, letting his fingernails grow disgustingly long, and so on.

Basically, you're gonna have to be at your physical best, regardless of the mug you were born with. NO ONE is exempt from this ' well, at least those who want to meet and date women.

Let's get the matter of fitness out of the way. Even guys who are overweight can get beautiful women, but you'll have an easier time if you have a relatively proportional body.

Besides, ANY guy will stand to benefit from working out on a regular basis. But it doesn't have to be like the inhumanly merciless exercise program that the cast from '300' had to go through.

You don't need a six pack, nor are you going to war with the Persian army.

All you need to do is come up with a reasonable schedule (like 2-3 times weekly) for cardiovascular activity. Don't let the age-old 'I don't have time' excuse get in the way.

Even if you weren't trying to attract women, working out regularly has been clinically proven to greatly reduce the risk of getting all those life-threatening problems you always hear about.

Not to sound preachy, but if you're not going to do it for the ladies, at least do it for your own well-being. Any guy who stuck to a fixed workout schedule is bound to lose a few pounds at the very least!

Just as a warning, don't try one of those fancy-schmancy diets you might have heard about. It's not a good idea to shock your system by radically changing your eating habits.

You're better off consulting with a licensed dietician, nutritionist or physician for sound and realistic advice on eating healthy. You could probably stick to working out, but improving your diet (read: not starving yourself) is going to give you quicker results.

Ok, now we move on to DETAILS. Women love a guy who pays attention to details, so I'll give you a quick walkthough on this matter.

Let's talk about HAIR. Get a reputable stylist to sit you down and figure out which style TRULY matches your facial features and the general shape of your head.

For instance, guys who are balding should just go all the way and shave their thinning dome. Don't let errant, lingering, hairs dampen your sex appeal (think about Bill Murray's character from the movie 'Kingpin'!).

Beards and other forms of facial hair are fine as long as they're trimmed and properly kept under control. Unless you're only interested in fans of 'Lord of The Rings', don't think that sporting a Gandalf beard is going to improve your chances.

The same goes for hair from the chest downwards. Modern technology has made it easier for guys to trim these areas, so invest in an electric razor or any other method that will help you in this regard.

Would you want your date to neglect her nether regions as well? Didn't think so. Be a pal and return the favor.

Additionally, watch out for any stay hairs coming out of your ears or nostrils. Clippers and tweezers don't cost much, so pick one and get to work.

Your finger and toenails need to be short and free of any grime underneath. If you have the budget for it, go to a men's salon because they often include a foot scrubbing service along with the package. Otherwise, a pair of clippers isn't going to break the bank.

Crooked or yellowish teeth need to be treated as well. Check with a specialist on which option will work for your budget. There are plenty of options out there, such as kits you can use at home, or setting an appointment with a qualified dentist.

Trust me, a polished smile is eye candy to women and they'll definitely NOTICE it. So make the effort to do something about this matter.

Clothes are a bit of a tricky subject because everyone has different ideas about fashion. On a basic level however, your appearance must tell women that you took the time to look good by choosing threads that work best on your frame.

(Again, NOT about physical perfection')

Generally, clothes with holes and torn seams are a no-no. Shirts and pants that are old and worn out give the impression that you're immature and don't care about looking nice for the ladies.

When it comes to picking out stuff that'll look good on you, ask your friends and sales staff to help you make a decision. Sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to REALLY figure out the exact kind of clothes that suit your specific body type.

While your socks, shoes, belts, and wallet need to look crisp and neat (no scuffs or other battle damage please), they don't exactly have to cost you a pretty penny outright.

Plenty of quality stuff is on sale in most shopping malls, so start looking there. There's always a good bargain to be found if you take the time to look!

Lastly, don't overstuff your pocket. Try not to put anything in there except for your wallet, cellphone and car keys. The less bulkier your pockets are, the sharper you look.

And that about does it. Remember, setting aside enough time for these things will benefit you greatly because it will manifest in how you look.

Women will see AND appreciate the effort you've gone through. If we're defined by what we do repeatedly, then imagine what a habit of good style and grooming can do for you.

They don't even have to say it ' you'll find that they'll naturally be more open to chatting with you and you'll have an easier time approaching them.

Furthermore, knowing that you're at your best will greatly BOOST your self-confidence.

I mean, wouldn't you feel more RELAXED and LESS ANXIOUS because you're aware of how well-put together you are?

In case anyone hasn't told you, it's this exact kind of attitude that makes you more eye-catching to women.

Neglecting your looks will make you tense and even apologetic for the very space you're occupying. That's not a very attractive vibe to give off, now is it?

If you really want to seal the deal however, might I recommend an excellent book to bring out your seduction skills and self-confidence to the fullest:

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This empowering guide is a must-have for any guy who wants to be THE MAN when it comes to dating. The cool thing about it is that it'll also improve the other areas in your life.

After all, having a confident personality will help you succeed in ALL of your pursuits, whether it's your career or a relationship.


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If you want quality women, and want more than just scripted lines and one night stands, if you want the confidence and winning attitude to take your skills and success to the next level, let Slade Shaw and the team challenge your beliefs about what women really want and how to be the guy that gets her attention, and show you the way to become a seduction success story.

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No games. No scripted lines. Real life dating advice for real men!
Gary Tice
9-26-2017 20:24

Conversation Tips - How to Talk To Men

Everybody has sticking points, whether it's work, relationships or life in general. But that's fine and dandy because the learning process is what makes us better women.

Perhaps you're struggling with certain behaviors or fears that might be keeping you from making the most out of your love life. Not to worry though; author Mirabelle Summers has created the ultimate game-free guide on how to do just THAT:

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The "Get A Great Guy Guide" is just the thing you need to achieve the breakthrough that you've been waiting for. With its sensible, no-nonsense and down-to-earth advice for the sassy, modern girl, finding AND holding on to a quality man will be a cinch!

Now then - one of the most common stumbling blocks to more romance in a woman's life is a simple lack of conversational know-now. The good news is that this can be LEARNED and immediately applied in your everyday life!

Especially while you're face-to-face with a potential lover!

Oftentimes the problem is that some well-meaning girls overlook the importance of having the right communication style. It's not that they WANT to be boring; they're merely unaware of how to hold a conversation.

No sensible gal is going to get up in the morning and tell herself, "I wonder how I'm gonna BORE the socks off of that cute stranger I'm going run into at the coffee shop today?"

If you want to become a better conversationalist, it's important to consider if you've grown accustomed to certain patterns of speech that are actually counterproductive. Sometimes, you need to step back and ask if you've fallen into certain habits which you've numbed yourself to over time.

So the first step towards any form of improvement is SELF-AWARENESS. Think about the way you normally carry a conversation with a guy and ask yourself if your style could use some polishing.

Of course, I don't want you to start beating yourself up if you feel that the way you talk to men isn't as attractive as you might want it to be. Like I said earlier, there's always room for improvement, and it's definitely a good thing to know EXACTLY which areas can be improved.

With that said, I want you to go over the following tip you can use to enhance your communication style:

# 1: Rapport is Key

It may sound like the simplest thing in the world to say, but the fact is lots of perfectly adorable women have a hard time doing this.
It's mainly because they only have a VAGUE idea of what rapport is, so naturally you can't create something you can't really put a pin on!

So let's clear up the fog surrounding this topic and identify what it is exactly. In a nutshell, having rapport is about having a CONNECTION with someone.

You know how you hook up your iPod or mobile phone to your computer, and they suddenly have this mutual understanding? It's kind of like that, but on a DEEPER level.

Let me give you a clearer picture: if you were at a party packed with all manner of gorgeous, articulate and friendly men, which one of them are you likely to REALLY fall for?

Since they're all visually and mentally appealing, you might have a hard time figuring out which guy suits you. Chances are the one who naturally understands you will be the man you'd want to date.

Why is that? Well, doesn't it feel just GREAT when a person instinctively senses where you're coming from?

I'm sure you've met at least one person in your life who you inexplicably feel drawn to. That's because that person seems to perfectly understand and echo back your own opinions or feelings.

That sense of being connected is what rapport is all about. Fortunately, it's actually not hard at all to do this in your daily conversations.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you need to be on the 'same page' as the person you're talking to. There are easy ways to do this.

For example, keep an ear out for specific concepts or values that are personally close to the person you�re in a conversation with. If he brings up that it�s important to him to have some quiet time everyday, store that away for future reference.

Later on you can echo back that same concept by telling him about how YOU like to spend your alone time: �At the end of the day I like to spend an hour or so curling up with a good book and a nice warm cup of chamomile tea. It really helps decompress after a crazy day, you know what I mean?�

Step back and watch his eyes light up like a Christmas tree! By taking something close to his heart and giving it back to him in a genuine way, your words will make quite the IMPACT on him.

So, rapport really has to do a lot with speaking the same 'language'. Now of course, I don't mean you have to start mimicking everything he's saying like a little parrot, but rather do it in an EMOTIONAL sense.

Discovering and talking about the values that resonate with you BOTH is a way to speak the same language.
When you think about it, we often adapt our modes of speech depending on the context we're in.

For example, you wouldn't talk to your friends, family, colleagues, or elders in the same EXACT way would you?

So don't think that you're being a phony by making an effort to speak in the same way that he does. You're simply getting into the practice of communicating in a way that's APPROPRIATE to the situation.

And when it comes to chatting up gorgeous guys, a meeting of the minds is best done through rapport-building speech patterns!

# 2: Switch Off Your Brain

Don't get me wrong, the kinds of guys who are worth your time are into women of SUBSTANCE. And certainly, this next conversational tip is not about acting air-headed or ditzy.

All I'm advising you do is keep your sexy brain from going into overdrive! A common mistake that intelligent women often commit is to think too much about certain things.

They get so caught up in their own world of thoughts that they'll come off as aloof or distracted, when in reality they're just petrified from FEAR of not knowing what to say next.

If you don't want your brain from stalling on you, then you have to quiet your thoughts and shut out the nagging distractions in your pretty little noggin.

The attraction-killing thoughts I'm talking about are those coming from the inner critic trying to sabotage your conversation. Sometimes, we make the mistake of mentally scolding ourselves after saying something that felt out of place or unfunny.

Other times, we're lost in a maze of thoughts on what to say next or get bogged down in a swamp of self-consciousness.

When you feel your brain going in this direction, acknowledge what's going on and DROP these mental distractions.

There's a handy little trick you can do in case your attention is drifting off to la-la land: instead of obsessing about how you look in his eyes or what he might be thinking, simply divert your attention to HIM.

It's a girl's best defense against looking aloof or detached from the conversation (or from this plane of reality for that matter!). So remember to shut off this part of your brain, and you'll do just fine.

On another note however, sometimes it's the guy you're talking to that's feeling self-conscious. If that's the case, then don't act or talk in any way that might give away you're AWARE of it.

Just play it cool and don't dwell on the vibe he's giving off. It'll only make things more awkward if you let his state affect your own.

# 3: Humor is Your Best Friend

Maybe you're still feeling each other out and you're trying to get a handle on how to connect to this hunk of a guy. But the awkward flow of your conversation is creating a major interference in your connection so you�re having a hard time 'broadcasting' your signal.

Fear not, friend! The quickest way to clear up all that 'static' is by creating a private joke which you can share with him. When you both have some knee-slapping ground to start on, this accelerates the rapport-building process.

My long-time friend Marcus has a great story to illustrate my point. He says:

"One of my first jobs was a freelance product writer for all sorts of health merchandise. During one assignment I was talking with this guy who was telling me about the benefits of a sports bracelet that supposedly reduces muscular fatigue. I had to put on the bracelet and pretended how less tense my arm felt as I was stretching it. Monique, his pretty sales assistant, was visibly chuckling at how funny I looked during the product demo (though she tried her best to hide it)."

Marcus was then able to use this funny incident as an inside joke when he started chatting up Monqiue. To her delight, he referred to the silly arm-stretching debacle several times during their conversation.

To his benefit, Monique was game enough to tease him about it when they eventually started dating. The moral of the story here is that when used properly, humor serves as a great bridge between two people.

Heck, any doctor knows about the therapeutic effect of laughter. One way to bring on the charm is to put your man on a natural high by cracking a joke or making a witty comment!

Making people laugh will make people (cute guys included) want to be around you to get a dose of your feel-good charisma.

Of course, there's a big difference between laughing at a joke and MAKING one. However, appearing to be effortless at humor isn't as hard as you might think.

Don't assume you need to transform yourself into a standup comic at the drop of a hat.

Generally, a good punch line is the result of properly setting up the joke beforehand. If you need to explain the punch line after delivering it, it means you didn't build enough suspense first.

(Think about how some characters on TV bumble a perfectly good joke by explaining too much and adding a "get it, get it?" at the end.)

A good way to build up a joke is by keeping a relatively straight face and suppressing any snickers before dropping the punch line on him. Otherwise there won't be any escalation.

That's what comedic timing is all about: buttering up the audience and then BAM, you get the drop on them with a well-placed punch line!

Notice how comedians like Conan O'Brien or Tina Fey churn out the funnies. They like to talk about a mundane news item (the set-up) and then making a zany comment about it (the payoff).

As an aside, avoid making any pop culture references that might alienate or confuse the person you're talking to. It's good to be mindful of the particular person in front of you so he can better relate to your "material".

However, don't worry about making leaps and bounds in this particular area of conversation. Try adapting these habits of humor little by little into your speech.

Once you hit your stride and finally struck a guy's funny bone, you'll notice how easier it is to keep him laughing with a follow-up joke!

One last way to be funny without overdoing it is by doing the "pretend seriousness" routine. A little lighthearted irony goes a long way with certain folks!

Let's pretend that your friend introduced you to this incredibly cute guy who happens to be just into music as you are. So halfway through the conversation he confesses to not having heard about a certain band you absolutely adore.

Take advantage of this opportunity by *playfully* retorting, "Tell me you're kidding. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to drag you to my place and make you listen to my (name of band) records until you see the light. Seriously!"

Admittedly, this approach might not work on everyone, but if he seems like the guy who's game enough to go along with the fun, then give it a shot!

#4: Converse With an OPEN Ear

Some women might think that listening is just a simple matter of hearing what the other person is telling them. Truth is, this basic skill we've been taught to use over the years is often taken for granted.

Sometimes, we find ourselves zoning out a bit (refer to tip # 2) when we should be PAY ATTENTION in the full sense of the verb. A typical mistake is to listen on a superficial level and merely use the time the guy is talking to think of something to say.

This might sound like common sense, but I have this to share: you'd have a better chance of saying something worthwhile if you truly listened to what the other person just said.

I�ve told countless friends and colleagues that your genuine attention is a very powerful tool for conversational success! Really listening to his jokes and stories is a simple but effective way to make him feel good about himself.

And what red-blooded man wouldn't want to be around a sassy girl that he can associate his GOOD FEELINGS with?

The gift of showing real interest is the direct path to greater rapport in ANY sort of conversation you're in. Although our general interest here is to attract men through a good chat, we also have to consider the big picture here.

An attractive woman is someone who can have a great conversation with just about anybody. When you have a POSITIVE attitude towards the rest of humankind, it's an indication of how you'd be on a date.

...or as a girlfriend.

If you're there to talk with ANYONE purely for the pleasure of their company... and NOT because you want their approval... then that sincerity will naturally show.

People (hunks included) just tend you like more when you want to hang out with them with NO strings attached.

So what I'm saying here is that you shouldn't just limit your awesome conversational skills to men alone. Find an opportunity to flex your social muscles and chat up a storm with the next person you run into!

It doesn't matter if it's the nice old lady at the library, the friendly cashier at your favorite coffee place, or your fellow students at yoga class. Every person out there offers a chance for you to become a more sociable person.

Trust me, this mindset is the sure-fire path to becoming drop-dead gorgeous in the long run! What have you got to lose after all?

And part of developing the right mindset is by expanding your knowledge and beliefs about dating, courtesy of Meet Your Sweet's "Get a Great Guy Guide."

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When you think about it, the cost of failure is pretty much ZERO, so get out there and work it!


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If you want genuine men, and not just any man, let Mirabelle Summers and the team challenge your beliefs about love and attraction, and show you the way to become a seduction success story.

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No games. No scripted lines. Real life dating advice for real women!
Gary Tice
9-26-2017 20:16

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