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Ultimate List Builder - Gary Tice

DUAL SQUEEZE UPDATE: 1,943 new members in just 1 DAY

Dual Squeeze is on fire!

After only our first DAY of launch...

- 2,907 subscribers have signed up through
Dual Squeeze funnel squeeze pages!

- Of those 2,907, 1,943 have joined either
the Lite or X-Site membership!

That's roughly a 67% conversion rate on
subscribers to members which is AMAZING.

So here's the million dollar question...

Have YOU taken action yet?!

Obviously plenty of people ARE, or we
wouldn't be getting these insane results.

But I want YOU.

I want EVERYBODY taking advantage of what
we've built with *your* success in mind.

If you are a Dual Squeeze LITE version
member, here's the top 3 reasons to become
an upgraded X-SITE member *immediately*:

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X-SITE membership will instantly set you
up to make AUTOPILOT income off of all the
leads and referrals you bring in...

It's a no brainer - Dual Squeeze was created
to MAKE you (far) more money than you spend.

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That's it for now - more to come soon!
Gary Tice
9-28-2018 3:30

MY GIFT TO YOU: 100% Free List Building Funnel

I've got a legit surprise for you.

Your own, fully hosted, 100% FREE
email list building web-funnel...

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But this isn't just ANY funnel.

It's part of a free system that
gets OTHER PEOPLE to build your
email list FOR you...

Completely hands free. And won't
cost you a dime.

Claim your 100% free web-funnel here:

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Gary Tice
9-27-2018 8:10


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