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As a network marketer, I'd love to get your input.

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Thanks so much!
Lisa Gentile
8-30-2019 11:43

Get Your Free Money Making Website and Learn How to Plug into Profits
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Eleanor Slovak
7-26-2019 22:50

Happy 4th of July! Have fun and be safe!
Lisa Gentile
7-4-2019 11:28

Here to share another great blog post titled:
Five Secrets to Effortlessly Attract More Prospects!This one is by Tyson Zahner and in it, as the title says, he shares the 5 secrets to making yourself more attractive to your prospects. They have nothing to do with how you look! Here they are in a nutshell:
1. Be Interested
2. Don't act needy, clingy or desperate
3. Never operate with an agenda
4. Project confidence
5. Develop skills
Of course for more elaboration on these you will want to click the link and read the entire post.
Lisa Gentile
6-27-2019 13:35

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Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit - Rejection FREE - Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads…

Lisa Gentile
6-25-2019 13:1

Hello Everyone,
Sharing another great attraction marketing blog post with you today. This one is from a great young couple, Whit and Cari Higham.
In this blog you will the secrets to getting people to ask you about your network marketing business and how they can join you.

The title is: How to Use the “Reverse Invite Method” to Get Your Prospects to Invite Themselves to Take a Look at Your Business!

Written by Whit and Cari Higham

Go ahead and click the link to read more. click here
Have a great day!
Lisa Gentile
6-25-2019 12:54

I felt like a failure in Network Marketing!😑😑

It felt like a losing battle!😑

But I decided to give it one last effort!

Then I heard the words that caused me to freak out all over again. 😯

❌ Make a list of 100 or more friends and family
❌Cold prospect over the phone
❌Go to Target and talk to people in the checkout line

None of these things ever worked in the past.😑😑

And it was so frustrating😑

I had to find a strategy that would work for ME!
It took a while but I found it!

Couldn’t keep it to myself!

Too good not to share!

And now I don't have to...

✅Chase my family and friends
✅Go out to Target and prospect people in the checkout lines
✅Cold prospect over the phone
✅Miss family events and I can still find plenty of people to talk to😃 😃 😃

Click below to learn about what I found!

Lisa Gentile
6-1-2019 12:0

Ferny Ceballos Elite Marketing Pro

Lisa Gentile
5-31-2019 16:29

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Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit - Rejection FREE - Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads…

Lisa Gentile
5-27-2019 15:46

Here is a blog post that lays out a 4 step process for writing ad copy that sell and that you can use for any social media platform you are on.
1. Hit their pain points
2. Offer a solution to those pains
3. Show them how your solution will benefit them
4. Give them a strong Call to Action. Tell them what they need to do next.
These are expanded upon in this blog post. Go and read it!

Lisa Gentile
5-27-2019 14:54

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Hope you're enjoying it!
Lisa Gentile
5-26-2019 16:21

Hello! Today I want to share a blog post I found about how using sales funnels in your online marketing can bring people into your business that you don't even know. Yes, strangers will be asking you about your business and wanting to learn how they can join your team.

One of the things in this article that struck me was how everywhere you go you when you are shopping you are being brought into a sales funnel. I never really paid attention to that or if I did I didn't think of it that way but it is true.

An example of this that I used to experience quite a bit when I went to the mall was when I would walk into the large department store through the cosmetic and perfume area. There were always sales reps lined up along the main aisle with perfume samples they wanted to give you to get you interested in buying maybe a gift set of the perfume or make up or whatever sales event they were having.

So check out this blog post titled "How to Turn Perfect Strangers into Passionate Business-Builders Using Online Sales Funnels" by one of my mentors, Ferny Ceballos and see if you can think of sales funnels that you were brought into either in a store or online.

Lisa Gentile
5-25-2019 15:4

Good Morning and Happy Friday!
Lisa Gentile
5-24-2019 8:19

Lisa Gentile
5-23-2019 11:5

Are you tired of chasing family and friends, having awkward conversations with strangers, and chasing dead beat prospects or tire kickers?

Join me here click here and learn how I was able to stop doing those things.

Instead I have the time freedom that I was promised when I joined my company and only talk to the people who are actually interested in my products and/or joining my company!
Lisa Gentile
5-23-2019 11:2


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