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Twitter Workers.

People from all around the world list themselves here that they are willing to promote your website on Twitter. You can find the list of these people and discuss in private how much they are willing to get paid by clicking here. You will pay these workers directly so they are getting 100% of what your cost is, which gives the workers more incentive to do a good job for you. We will provide you with a link to give your worker so you know when they have completed the job.

Verified results: The link will keep track of how many unique visitors from Twitter have come to your website. The best way to offer work is to pay for unique visitors from Twitter. When you use the link provided to you by timngeo for your worker to promote, it will insure they cannot cheat you with fake traffic.

We suggest that you offer $1.00 for every 100 visits to your website via this link.

Twitter workers must be at least a Silver member to appear on this list.

Name, PM, & Promo Code Hire me because:

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