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Get a job to promote clients on Twitter

Work for other people to promote their websites on Twitter.

timngeo provides you the tools and people you need to find work to promote websites for other people on twitter. Here is what you get:

1. A job link. You will be provided a link by your employer so you know when you have fulfilled the job. The link will track how many visits are made from unique Twitter members to their website. Depending on your account at Twitter one post may send them one visit or hundreds of visits. It may take you many posts to complete your job.

2. You get paid directly and 100%. When someone contacts you, you may discuss in private how much money you are willing to work for. You will get paid directly from the person hiring you so that you are getting 100% of the pay. Please note that timngeo.com takes no responsibility in your arrangements so make sure you are comfortable with who you agree to work with. No one else receives fees or commissions from your pay.

3. Private messaging with employers. When someone wants to talk with you about hiring you, they will send you a personal message here on timngeo. Be watching for personal invitation requests here.

4. Get on list to get hired. You can list yourself to tweet for other people free as long as you are at least a Silver member. You can see if you are currently on the list by clicking here. To put yourself on the list to get hired fill out the form below.

5. Even if you have no followers on Twitter you can do this. Our secret technology will still create many visitors from Twitter to your client's website when you post a tweet, even if you do no have any followers. Be sure to use the link your employer will provide you to take advantage of this technology.

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